Manage update project information on your hand

Owner, builder, construction co., field manager, engineer, architect and subcontractor are able to manage construction project on their iPhone or Android smartphone by OpenAlign App. It is simple and easy to and collaborate with project stakeholders together with OpenAlign.

Viewing update blueprint

Never work on outdate version of draw or paper blueprint . Always sync with currect version from your mobile device.

Real time annotation and annotation with your team

The intuitive user interface make easy for you to collaborate and share filed information instantly.

Work anytime , anywhere

Open Align offers a true real time collaboration that allows the project steakholders can access the information quickly and easy . From the beginning of the project to the completion, Each member can synchronize with the information at any time in anywhere, and miss any data or revise.

Drawing centeral

Open Align is a cloud base construction project management software based on draws. If the team is unable to keep up, important details are easily overlooked, wasting money, time and frustration. The team can acess the real-time information (to-do, messages, photos, documents, etc.) easy at anytime.

Connecting field site and office

The power of Open Align APPs, Keep teams together, even when they're not. your team can access all the information they need, with real time updates and instantaneous tracking. This means more teamwork, less rework, mistake and even better project margins.


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